You probably know about our photography ‘Student of the Month’ feature. To summarise we identify a student that we feel has really excelled and shown their love for the art of Photography. The student receives a £50 gift voucher which can be used against any of our courses.

Photography Student of the Month – Nebil Kisa

Nebil is a former student of Photoion Photography School who’s hard work and amazing results in such short period of time have really impressed us all.


A stone sink at open-air museum in southern Germany.

London Eye or Millennium Wheel or Merlin Entertainments London Eye

London Eye or Millennium Wheel or Merlin Entertainments London Eye

Here is what Nebil says about his journey into photography:

“I have been passionate about photography since I was small, but I didn’t have the time to develop the hobby. Recently, I started to revive my passion for photography and I bought my first camera, a Sony Alpha 77, in December last year.

Black and White landscape

Black and White landscape scene

I began taking pictures with the new camera. I was so excited, but very soon I realised that understanding the camera was quite challenging, so I decided I’d need help with the camera’s features and settings.

Black and White landscape at spring

Black and White landscape at spring

As well as the gear giving me trouble, I also realised that I’d got a bit rusty in terms of composing my photographs in order to get an exciting artistic expression and to obtain a pleasing, atmospheric photograph.


Pink Rose

It was time for a change, so I decided to look for a place to learn. I found the Photoion Photography School, which offered a variety of photographic courses and workshops. I began by attending the two day beginners’ course. The time spent with the tutor, Ion Paciu, and the other students in the group was a great experience; the knowledge I gained in two days in a very funny and creative environment helped me to gather a good understanding of the core principals and concepts in photography, including a good understanding of my new SLR Sony Alpha 77 camera.


Hyde Park Corner at night

After the two day beginners’ course, armed with a fresh pair of eyes and lots of new knowledge, I started to go out and practise.


Paddington Train Station London at night

I love spending time with my tripod outdoors and capturing landscape and cityscape scenes. During the next three months, I spent lots of time outdoors and I took hundreds of photographs. It’s not easy to capture that “perfect” image that you are after, but the point is to have fun and enjoy the time spent behind the camera. I have continued to practise almost every week and during my outdoor escapades I discovered that night photography was really amazing and worth a try.

Motion photo

Motion Photograph

My favourite aspect offered by the Photoion Photography School was the opportunity to upload my images to the Photoion Photography School’s timeline on Facebook with the opportunity to have these images reviewed by the tutors. This rare, free opportunity helped me to improve my photography skills a lot.

Evening lights

Evening lights

My next plan is to attend the advanced photography course as I intend to take my skills to the next level.

Thank you very much for the award ‘Student of the month’, it is much appreciated.”

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