We’re going to be running a pair of refresher photography courses designed to catch you up to speed with the skills you will have learned on our Beginners’ or Advanced courses.

We know that sometimes life can be unexpected and you might go for long periods without getting your camera out of its bag. These courses will dust off the skills you’ve already learned and get your ready to start snapping images again.

Refresher Workshop – Beginners

When: 3rd April 2017
Times: 10.30 am – 4 pm
Price: £119

Our Beginners’ Refresher Workshop will give you a hands-on refresher on things such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure modes, and focusing and composition.

Refresher Workshop – Advanced
When: 13th April 2017
Times: 10.30 am – 4 pm
Price: £119

Our Advanced Refresher Course will give you a hands-on refresher on the more advanced camera settings, light, use of flash and filters, and long exposures.

These courses are being offered at a discount to our regular workshops. They are perfect to restore your confidence in your skills with the camera, as well as with a variety of techniques you’ve already learned but might not be comfortable with yet.

To book your place on either course, please email us at hello@photoion.co.uk

We look forward to dusting off your camera and your skills with you!

The Photoion Team