A Night in Foggy London on the Southbank

A Foggy Night on the Southbank of the Thames River in London

A while ago I was lucky enough to be around in central London on a great foggy evening. I said to myself: it’s time for a walk. It’s been long time since I was out, on my own with my tripod capturing images of London at night. I spend most of my time with my students, capturing images and this leaves me little time for myself. But this time, I had to make an effort, I couldn’t miss this occasion.

London at night is one of the most beautiful and fascinating subjects on a normal evening, but with the added atmosphere of the fog, I was able to capture some really stunning images.


A beautiful foggy night on the southbank in London.

We talk about how important light is in our images quite often, and the fog that night really made the light behave in interesting ways as it danced through the fog.


London eye in the fog from the Jubilee Gardens.


A foggy BigBen.