August 2016 Student of the Month

It’s time for another Student of the Month interview. Each month, we pick one of our students who has shown great promise, and we sit down with them to learn about their journey with photography. The winner also gets a £50 gift voucher to be used with any of our courses.

This month we sat down with Celeste Daet to learn about their journey;

I remember how I was always impressed with how artistic my friends and schoolmates were when I was growing up as a teenager. It used to amaze me how they could somehow produce something that is beyond stunning; it may be designing a cake, tailoring a bag, or drawing with pencils and watercolours. It was all just a dream for me to even learn how to draw a stickman! Who was I kidding for even wanting to study Fine Arts after finishing school!


august-2016-student-of-the-month-beachBut I just had to settle for something I could actually try and do. I remember showing some interest in how to use Kodak film camera back in the 80’s. But of course the experience didn’t go on without getting told off for wasting boxes of films! First lesson learnt of course; don’t tell your parents that you’re about to buy another box of film! Haha

Years have gone by and I found myself all wrapped in the world of being a grown up. That’s right; I needed to work and earn a living. But it wasn’t until two months ago that I actually thought that learning photography would be a great icebreaker. So, I found Ion through Photoion Photography School. I made sure that I booked all the first dates for all the photography workshops that I was interested in (Beginners, Advanced, Street, Studio Lighting, Portrait, and Speedlite). I wasn’t going to risk losing the momentum. It just had to be done.


So Ion, I would like to thank you and the school for sharing a great wealth of knowledge in Photography. You guys are a real icebreaker! More power to the school and I hope I have made you proud of what I have created so far.