Master of Light with Photoion

Today we’re telling you about two courses that will work together to improve your portrait photography.

Whether it’s for pleasure, or commercial, portrait photography is one of the most common types of photography and is also one of the most rewarding. It offers an intimacy with the subject that is hard to find elsewhere. Proper lighting is the key to portrait photography, and we have two courses to arm you with all the tools you’ll need.

stuido-lighting-workshop-septemberStudio Lighting Photography Workshop
Date: Monday 28th September
Price: £185
Location: Waterloo, London

Our Studio Lighting course teaches you everything you need to know about capturing images in a studio environment. During the course you’ll learn how to use the lighting available in a studio setup, as well as the space and environment of a studio to capture stunning images. Studio photography can produce amazing results, and is also crucial for the commercial photographer.

You can find full information about this course by clicking here

speedlite-photography-workshop-october-3Speedlite Photography Workshop
Date: Sunday 11th October
Price: £185
Location: Waterloo, London

On the other side of the lighting coin is the speedlite/flashgun. Using the flashgun can help to “fill” out your images by capturing more details and highlighting your subject more effectively. While using a flashgun when you are out and about can help bring the studio look to the outdoors.

You can find full information about this course by clicking here

These two courses will teach you to become a master of lighting, and be prepared to capture an image no matter the setting.

What students say: ‘I attended the speedlite course with Ion. It was fatastic. Ion is so passionate, full of energy and very generous with his knowlededge and experience. We started with one flash on camera and by the end of the day we had four flashlights on stands and were using coloured filters and light modifiers to create effects. Ion had great tips for helping us to think about how the light flows and therefore where lights need to be placed to get the effect required. Ion tested our learning through the day, without making us feel on the spot. It was face paced and great fun, with lots of laughter. I loved it and fully intend to book another of Ion’s courses.’ – Gail Davison

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PLUS if you are a former student we’d love to offer you a 5% DISCOUNT