This month we have chosen Anne Costelloe as our Student of the Month. As you will discover, she came to us as a total newbie – she didn’t even own a camera when she took our beginner’s course! We are so delighted that we have helped to inspire a new lifelong passion in her that we wanted to reward her efforts with the prize, Student of the Month. Anne also receives a £50 voucher that can be used against any of our courses.

Here is what she has to say about her photography journey:

I have always been interested in photography, and I have a brother who is in the film industry and takes stunning photos. I played with a little instant Lumix camera, but I didn’t do anything about learning how to take photographs properly for many years.

portrait photography

(c) Anne Costelloe

2 years ago when my son left home, I researched photography schools in London and booked with Photoion because the reviews were so excellent. I turned up without a camera to do the Beginners’ Course and borrowed one for the 2 days. After that, I was hooked.

flower photography

(c) Anne Costelloe

I’ve completed many courses in the last 2 years and even went with Photoion to Montenegro in 2018 which was one of the most amazing times of my life! I met great people, but most of all, I really put everything I had learned on the courses into practice. There is so much to learn and I know practice is an important part of that process, so this holiday gave me loads of opportunities to develop my skills hands-on!

landscape photography

(c) Anne Costelloe, taken on the photography holiday in Montenegro

My favourite part of that trip was using filters and stops to photograph the beautiful lakes. I love photographing anything to do with nature including rivers, mountains, deer and birds of prey. I also enjoy food photography and learning about how to use the correct lighting techniques to get the best from an image. I’m now learning how to “see” a good photo, and exploring my creative side.

(c) Anne Costelloe, taken on our food photography workshop

My goal is to go on a safari purely for photographing wildlife. This has been a lifelong dream which I now have the confidence to say will happen one day. I have my own Canon camera now and have learned that it’s the person behind the camera who makes beautiful images. I’m always looking for opportunities to capture.’

(c) Anne Costelloe

Very inspiring words Anne! If you’re feeling motivated to take your photography to the next level, book a course or workshop with us today, and you could be our next student of the month.