Fashion Lighting Masterclass – Speedlites versus Studio Lights – How did it go?

How did the Fashion Lighting Masterclass day pan-out?

As you may or may not have known, this provided an opportunity for the highest set of skills to be revealed, with this one-off, amazing Fashion Lighting Masterclass. The objectives were outlined from the outset; the attendees were to be shown how they can achieve stunning images with the cheapest portable studio lighting equipment on the market: 3 Chinese Speedlites/Flashguns cost under £100. As you know, enthusiasm is contagious, and how can Ion avoid being enthusiastic about what he loves!?! The enthusiasm caught on, and shortly after the signs of curiosity were there too. It is understandable, who wouldn’t be curious about how you can get £8000 worth results with some Chinese cheap speedlites / flashguns.

Well, the day started with the preparation of some very expensive Profoto Studio Lighting equipment; special thanks to Chris for this. Meanwhile, the make-up artist and the stylist began preparing the model for the shooting. To summarise, this consisted of choosing the make-up, selecting the outfits/garments and then following this we were able to discuss other aspects regarding the Fashion Lighting Masterclass. The details of how the day was going to unfold were explained, as usual, by Ion. He was able to give detailed insight into the planning of the day and the Fashion shooting that would take place.

Presentation time.
Ion presented the equipment and explained the agenda for the day. Naturally the conversation progressed onto the topic of cameras, camera lenses, and which are best for fashion photography. Also, part of the introduction session involved the image review and assessment/s. One of the most helpful exercises of the day for our students was when a variety of images were presented back, and explained in full detail. The explanation that was given for these photographs look at the composition of the lighting equipment used and the accessories.

Our preparations were drawing to their final stages, the lights were on, the triggers had been tested and were now ready, and of course the make-up artist and the stylist were making the final perfecting touches.

Fashion Lighting Masterclass

Fashion Lighting Masterclass

We also love it when a plan comes together, and it was coming together nicely. It was noticeable how keen everyone was to start, and who could blame them? This was a unique demonstration and everyone had the opportunity to take part.

Ion designated the impossible task of trying to control everyones spirits, to himself. The desire to start things moving was so evident it was untrue.

Time to start
Everyone was now ready. Each and every student had received their radian trigger and had mounted them on their camera/s. This gave them the ability to trigger the lighting with their own cameras.

Fashion Lighting Masterclass

Fashion Lighting Masterclass

The atmosphere was truly fantastic, it was electric as they say. The lighting was being used and changing at quite a pace. People were able to shoot with great speeds and it was clearly evident that our mornings preparation had paid off. In total there were 9 people