Glamour Photography Workshop on11/04/2014

Following on from our Glamour Photography Workshop on the 11/04/2014, we are excited to look back and proudly refer to some of the days main highlights. We had our fantastic make-up artist and collaborator Fanny and our Model Sophie. Sophie proved to be the ideal choice for this Glamour Photography Workshop. The day was set to be a good one.

The Glamour Photography Workshop Location

The workshop took place in the Union Jack Club in the beautiful Reserve Bar Lounge Room which is one of the club’s most popular and charismatic rooms. The room boasts some classic features which make it very good for glamour / boudoir photography. Our experience led us to form the opinion that this room would be ideal for our Glamour Photography Workshop.
The Union Jack Club - the ideal location for a Glamour Photography Workshop
Almost like standard procedure, everyone gathered, and Fanny the make-up artist got to work on our model so that she’d be ready for our Glamour Photography Workshop shooting session.
Glamour Photography Workshop Preparations
A close-up portrait of Sophie snapped by Ion during the preparations.
Glamour Photography Lighting test
Meanwhile Ion, who was to lead this workshop, spent a considerable amount of time, sharing his thoughts with his students. They discussed the usual camera settings, the lighting tools, lenses and accessories. As usual, Ion convered all of this in quite a bit of depth.
Below are some of the shots from the day:
Glamour Photography Workshop Photo
Glamour Photography posing on couch
Glamour Photography Workshop Sophie Posing

Glamour Photography Workshop Sophie Posing

A plan for the day was then put together. This was conveyed to all present, and we then discussed the Glamour Photography Workshop’s finer details, such as the style, posing, glamour lighting, model instructions, etc.
We used 2  lighting schemes for this workshop; then the classic soft light accompanied by side-lighting, and then the classic hard light spot lighting.