We did it again, we ran another flashgun photography workshop, and despite the cold weather we finished the day with lots of beautiful images, and more important, we learnt a great deal of flashgun photography.

The natural light was not bad either so we started as usual taking some test images for a later comparison, see images at the end of the post natural versus speedlite / flashgun.

Flashgun Photography

Again, we decided that the flashgun / speedlite is one of the most powerful tools in the photographer’s bag, particularly when you’re on location, and not only. Our model on the day Jessica Cleary was again a great subject to photograph. Jess is one of our favourite models and she poses for our students in many of our photography workshops.

So, the first test from our Flashgun Photography Workshop on location was: natural light (first image) one speedlite (second image) and 2 speedlites third image.


Natural light versus speedlite / flashgun test images.

The next test of our Flashgun Photography Workshop was to add some more vibrant lighting so we modified one of the flashguns / speedlites, the results were fantastic:


White natural colour light versus colour gel filter mounted on the speedlite / flashgun.

As usual, our tutor Ion Paciu felt the urge to get closer to the model, he loves close-up portraits, see below the result:


Close-up portrait captured by our tutor Ion Paciu using 2 flashguns / speedlites.

A different version of the same close up portrait with a much colder lighting, the same lights were used in this image, 2 flashguns / speedlites.


Another close-up portrait captured by our tutor Ion Paciu using 2 flashguns / speedlites.

We expanded testing and we moved onto a more challenging composition: full body lighting.


Full body flashgun / speedlite lighting on location.

We experimented further with the flashguns / speedlites and we ventured into a bit of fashion photography. The results were not bad and Jessica did a great job again.


Fashion flashgun / speedlite photography on location.

We changed location for a different background and we further tested our flashguns in different lighting situations. Again, we did a test natural light versus flashgun / speedlite.


Natural light versus speedlite / flashgun second location test images.

This is a photograph of the setup we used to capture this image.


Second location speedlite / flashgun lighting setup.

One of our students Aaliyah in action:


Aaliyah, out student in action capturing a close-up portrait.

More images from this Flashgun Photography Workshop, we experimented with different posings and expressions:


Experimenting with different posings and expressions.

Well, fun time, the students ventured into selfie photography, who can ignore the power of a sefie? :)


Selfie time, students having fun and getting their so much wanted selfie images for sharing on social media.


Selfie images of the students group for sharing on social media.


Group picturte of the students captured by our tutor Ion.

We hope that this great flashgun photography tutorial was helpful and our images inspired you. If you wish to attend this great Flashgun Photography Workshop please follow this link.