Central London South Bank Commemorative Mosaics

The great thing about a Photoion Photography Course is its free-form nature, meaning that you never know what surprises are in store. Our experienced tutors are not afraid to move from their course plan if they spot an opportunity to get the student’s creative juices flowing.

Just this weekend, on day two of an advanced photography course, the group were passing by the South Bank Centre, beneath the high walk on London’s South Bank, when tutor Ion Paciu noticed a selection of commemorative mosaics on the pavement.

South Bank Mosaics:

South Bank Mosaics

Bella Burge:

Bella Burge Mosaic

Hidden away at street level in one of the South Bank’s darker corners, these lovingly crafted mosaics do not seem to be getting the attention they deserve. Never one to miss an opportunity to capture the moment, Ion and his students took the time to explore the mosaics through the camera lens, creating the images that you see in this blog.

Daley Thompson:

Daley Thompson Mosaic

Ernie Izzard:

Ernie Izzard Mosaic

The mosaics, ten in total, cover a range of famous names, some far more familiar than others.  Some of the mosaics had been signed and were dated ’07, but a number of the names were difficult to read so apologies if we have got them wrong.

Kevin Spacey:

Kevin Spacey Mosaic

Kelly Holmes:

Kelly Holmes Mosaic

Eighteenth Century British writer and women’s rights advocate Mary Wollstonecraft has the most eye-catching and elaborate of mosaics, however the unfortunate placement means that it is susceptible to rusty, sludgy drips from the high walk above. A shame as it is a beautiful piece of work.

Mary Wollstonecraft:

Mary Wollstonecraft Mosaic

Lilian Baylis:

Lilian Baylis Mosaic

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Peter Hall:

Peter Hall Mosaic

South Bank Mosaics:

South Bank Mosaic

Vivien Leigh:

Vivien Leigh Mosaic

Steve Redgrave:

Steve Redgrave Mosaic