Since taking our Wildlife Photography Workshop, student Nancy Tsami has really found her stride as you will see from the excellent images below. For this reason, we have decided to award her Photoion’s Student of the Month. This means she will receive a £50 voucher to spend on any future courses or workshops she takes with us. Here’s what she has to say about her journey so far and the experience she had taking our photography course in London. Over to you, Nancy!

When Photoion emailed me asking me to write something for their website because I was the Student of the Month, I couldn’t believe it! I felt like I had won an Oscar and had to write my speech!

I always wanted to be a photographer, but life has other plans for us!  That was until  3 years ago, when I decided that it could be at least be my hobby, and I went for it. I bought my first camera, which I still have today, and joined an online course. The theory was helpful as I had no idea how to even use my camera, but it wasn’t really for me and I didn’t even complete it. Through practice on my own though I  discovered how interesting and rewarding wildlife and nature photography is.

Joining the Wildlife Photography Course

It was last April when I thought that if I really need to improve my technique and learn more about how to take a good photo, I would have to attend a workshop.

And then I met Ion and his team. The Wildlife Photography Workshop was great. Ion has been wonderful, he has helped me a lot and continues to do so.


Finding her passion for wildlife photography

I know there is still so much to learn but I already see how much I have improved. It makes me so happy to see that after all these endless hours of waiting and “spying” on animals, the result of my work is not so bad.

Duck in pond by Nancy Tsami

We’d say Nancy has taken to photography like a duck to water!


Always getting close up

What are my long term goals? To work for National Geographic, exhibit my photos, be a travel photographer etc. Maybe that’s wishful thinking! Taking decent photos that people see and think ‘Wow, I love that’ would be great!

Nancy Tsami- student of the month

Some of Nancy’s recent work

Nancy Tsami flower

Beautiful pink flower in this minimalist image


Animals, flowers, insects too!

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