Today we’re going to be talking about our trip to Romania for our photography holiday in Transylvania back in September 2017.  We were staying at Balea Lake which is located on one of the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains.  As usual, Tatiana and I arrived 2 days before our students. We usually take a bit of time before our photography holidays and begin properly to disconnect from the mundane tasks and the busy life of London.

(Our next photography holiday in Romania will be taking place on 26th Sept – 1st Oct 2018see more info here)

We spent the next 2 days down south of the country, in Oltenia, after 2 days we were on the train heading towards the airport in Bucharest to meet our group of students, we had a team of 9 people. Myself, Tatiana, Cliff, Tim, Helena, Catherine, Lucy, San, Satish, Dolores, and Windhal embarked the 16 seat minibus (with driver) very quickly as we were really eager to get started and get to the place. We had a very long journey ahead of us; the distance from Bucharest to Balea Lake is 240 kilometres and approximately 4 – 5 hours driving. There is only about 100 km of motorway (in between Bucharest and Pitesti); the rest of the road is through the villages and a big portion, about 86 km on the Transfagarasean Road (from Curtea de Arges and Balea Lake) which offers breathtaking views. After 7 hours we were at Balea Lakes, the place where we would all be staying for the next week which is an ancient glacier lake which is located is located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains at 2100 meters altitude.