Photography Student of the Month: June 2018

Hello Photoion students and photography fans, it’s time for another Student of the Month interview.

Each month we choose one of our students who has shown great promise and we sit down with them to learn about how they got started with photography and how they’ve found the art so far.

The winner also gets a £50 voucher that can be redeemed against any of our courses.

This month we spoke with Andreea Mihailiuc about their journey.

‘Every story has a beginning.

My story started in 2012, when I fell in love with photography. I remember how I used to ‘focalise’ all the beauties in the world with my own eyes, enjoying every second of it – at that time I told myself that this is it: this is my true passion in life.

photography student of the month

(c) Andreea Mihailiuc

At the end of 2013, I had my first Canon EOS 300D digital and I was over the moon about it. I’ve struggled and tried to learn as much as possible how to take professional shots but it was very difficult indeed.

photography student of the month

(c) Andreea Mihailiuc

However, my real story really started when I joined Photoion Photography School, a couple months ago. I feel this is the place where I belong and that I’ve made a very wise investment in my career by choosing this school – I particularly enjoy everything I do and I’m very grateful to be passionate about it.

photography student of the month

(c) Andreea Mihailiuc

I’ve learned so many things and there’s so much more to discover. I strongly believe this is what I’d like to do in the future: to focus on portrait and landscape photos.

photography student of the month

(c) Andreea Mihailiuc

‘My photographs are my only autobiography’.

About the Author:

We are the Photoion Photography School, and we love everything to do with Photography. We are always reading about the latest techniques, equipment, and accessories. We endeavour to share what we are passionate about with you. Enthusiasm is contagious; and we would love for our readers to be as enthusiastic about Photography as we are. We are constantly teaching, shooting, and posting great images and stories so stay tuned!

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