Today we want to talk about some of the different portrait photography courses and workshops that we run at Photoion Photography School. Not all portrait photography courses are created equal, and each course that we offer is tailored to a specific kind of lighting. So let’s take a look at the courses and what you can achieve with them.

Portrait Photography Workshop (1 day)

portrait photography courses - only natural light

Images taken by our tutor Ion Paciu using only natural light

This is the standard portrait photography course and it focuses on how to get the best results using natural light only.

This course is great for people interested in doing urban and lifestyle portrait photography, or who are interested in photographing people outside in the street using only natural light with no external lighting equipment.

The course gives you an introduction to the different kinds of portrait photography, as well as how to use ambient light (natural and available artificial continuous lighting) to your advantage.

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Studio Lighting Photography Workshop (1 day)

Studio Images taken by our tutor Ion Paciu

Studio Images taken by our tutor Ion Paciu

Photographing under proper studio light is totally different to capturing an image in natural light. This particular portrait photography course will guide you through the basics of studio lighting – what it can achieve, and how best to use it to make your subject really stand out.

You’ll learn a variety of tips and tricks for making the most of the studio lighting including lighting modifiers / shapers available to you, and how to use them in effective ways to make even more interesting images. Studio lighting is particularly useful when trying to create images that are not possible to achieve using natural light.

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Speedlite Photography Workshop (1 day)

Images taken by our tutor Ion Paciu using off camera flashguns

Images taken by our tutor Ion Paciu using off camera flashguns / speedlites

Speedlites, or flashguns, can be one of the most powerful tools in the photographer’s arsenal. They can produce dramatic and dynamic lighting set ups that are difficult to achieve any other way, and can really bring an extra level of greatness to an image.

On this portrait photography course you’ll learn about different types and brands of speedlites and what their strengths are. You’ll also be introduced to a variety of accessories to make your speedlite images even more impressive.

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With these three portrait photography courses, you’ll be armed with everything you need to capture stunning images in any setting or environment. If you’ve got a passion for portrait photography, these courses are the perfect place to improve your photographic skills.

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