Top 13 Gift Ideas for Photographers

Hello Photoion fans. With the Holiday season fast approaching, we thought we would take the time today to give you some photography gift ideas to make buying a present for the photographer in your life a little easier. Or you could use this as your own wish list and pass it on to your friends and families to give them ideas on what to get you!

1. Photography Course Gift Vouchers

Gift ideas for photographers - photography course gift voucher

First up we’ve got the Photoion Photography Course Gift Vouchers. Our gift vouchers are extremely flexible. You can pick up vouchers that cover the full cost of a specific course, or you can get vouchers for a set amount that can be redeemed against any of the courses we offer. Best of all, our vouchers don’t have an expiry date, so they are perfect for the busy person who can fit a course in at a time that suits them.

You can get our vouchers by clicking here.

2. 5 in 1 Reflector

Gift ideas for photographers - 5 in 1 reflector

We all know that light is the most important element in photography, but we also know that sometimes you can’t get the light to be just right. These reflectors are a really useful tool that allows you to play with the available light, be it studio lights, a speedlite, or the sun, and reflect light into areas it wasn’t reaching previously.

This is particularly useful for portrait photography and making sure the light on the subject is balanced, but it can be used for just about and type of photography and is great for getting rid of unwanted shadows.

Available here.

3. Studio Strobe Lighting Kit

Gift ideas for photographers - Studio lighting kit

This set is perfect for home or professional studios. It has 2 powerful light boxes with diffusor covers to give you an even and professional light on your subject.

4. Wireless Shutter Release

This is a must have accessory for anyone who wants to take their photography a little more seriously. When you manually press the shutter release, no matter how careful you are, you move the camera. This small movement can sometimes be enough to ruin an otherwise perfect picture. A wireless shutter release removes that danger and lets you capture crisp images every time.

Make sure you do some research and get a model that is compatible with your specific camera!

5. Tripod