Greetings Photoion students and photography fans. Today we want to share some images from a recent day of self training our tutor, Ion did.

From time to time our tutor, Ion Paciu takes some time off from teaching so that he can get out and practice himself with the camera.

On this particular day, Ion was practising with his Speedlite, which is one of his favourite photography lighting tools. It was a rather cloudy and dark day, the type of weather that can be really tricky to photograph in because of the low, flat and dull lighting. So this served as the perfect opportunity for him to practice his Speedlite lighting techniques.


Ion and Aniko, a friend and model, went scouting for a good location and settled on Somerset House for its architecture.

 With the location chosen it was time to begin setting up for the photo shoot. The first thing to do was decide on the composition. The lighting you use on a shoot will be dictated by the scene’s composition and outfits so it’s important to do this first.