Today we have a collection of images that have been captured by some of our wonderful students to show you.

It’s no secret that we love our students, and from time to time we like to show off their work and recognise them for their accomplishments. Whether they have been capturing images for years, or they are only just beginning their photography journey, we always want to celebrate our students and give them the chance to show their work off to as many people as possible.

We love celebrating our students so much that we produce an awards book every year, showcasing 50 of the best images taken by students that year. But we also like to do articles like this to give them even more praise!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a selection of the amazing work our students have produced using the skills they have gained through our courses.

Congratulations to them all for such excellent work.

(c) Paula Lovesy. Taken on our macro photography workshop

(c) John May

(c) Anabell Sandoval

(c) Trish Macharla. Taken on our Food photography workshop

(c) Ian Peachey

(c) Mark Adri-Soejoko

(c) Stephen Hannington

(c) Cliff Mills

(c) Laura Greene

(c) Elizaveta Bize-Kormosh

(c) Julie Elmes. Taken on our Black and White photography workshop

(c) Matthew Francis

(c) Paula Lovesy. Taken on our Macro photography workshop

(c) Zsofia Ivanics

(c) Tim Seaman

(c) Rares Geangu

(c) Andrew Dare. Taken on our Birds of Prey Studio workshop

(c) Janet Francis

(c) Matthew Hymes