Project: “The Other Side of the Story” By Tatiana Zigar

One of our incredibly talented mentors Tatiana Zigar undertook a project that we HAD to share with you today.

Tatiana set out to capture a whole host of stories in, “The other side of the story” which is a series of black and white lifestyle portraits of people with different careers; Each image is accompanied by a short story which aims to reveal the people’s dream jobs whilst very young while the images reflect their current jobs- so quite a difficult concept to grasp in just one image, but we think you’ll agree that Tatiana has truly captured her subjects in the most imaginative, descriptive and powerful photos….


Billy, The Shoe Man

Billy grew up on the street and didn’t really have a dream job, in fact, no wait, he did-  he wanted to be the biggest drug dealer in the world! What an aspiration hey? He got arrested when he was 16 for selling drugs and soon realised that he needed to do something with his life that wasn’t going to mean he spent the rest of it behind bars….or dead. So when he was bailed out, released and tagged by police he was asked to do some community work. Looking back, it’s fair to say that Billy considered himself really lucky to get off with the leniency he did and so he decided not to squander it and look for a job. He soon found someone who gave him a chance and that was with the local shoe-man in the community. He is now really happy and he enjoys his job and his life very much and has put the dark days well and truly behind him.


Matt, The Marketing Manager

“My dream job when I was a kid was to be an event organiser. Like many boys I wanted to emulate my father”- With his huge office and bit sweeping desk- it looks like he’s achieved that dream doesn’t it? He should be very proud of himself!



Ion, The Photography Teacher

“When I was a child I wanted to be a spaceship pilot. Being interested in unknown, I used to read a lot of astronomy books and spent a lot of time watching the sky and the stars; it was a beautiful dream.” Now he captures images that are ‘out of this world’ (pun intended.)


Martin, The Butcher

“As a school kid I wanted to do something in the food business like a chef in a large kitchen, but found that butchery was the way forward for me, 29 years later here I am.” A true calling and an amazing commitment to his craft.


Monica, The Puppeteer and Artist

“What I wanted to be when I was a kid. hmmmm, lots of things to be honest. But most of all I wanted to be a doctor on a spaceship to cure all the aliens from their strange diseases. I think I watched to many Sci-Fi movies. I was a big fan of Sci-Fis.” Being an artist means she can take her imagination to it furthest reaches, which, judging by what Monica wanted to do when she was little is pretty broad!