A while ago I went of the balcony to admire the almost full moon hanging above the Perspective building on the right hand on my balcony. The Moon, the most beautiful and sensual appearance on our sky.

The Moon

Suddenly I saw a plane in the sky. I grabbed my camera quickly and I mount my favourite telephoto lens on my old Canon camera, in a hurry, I realise I don’t have too much time. I am a bit too fast, the mount does’t click. I did it, the settings, manually by memory, quickly one by one……all done! I pointed the camera at the moon I checked my exposure, camera said inappropriate exposure, (underexposed), good, I like that, it is the right one. I sorted out my focus system, manually, it beeps, good, then I waited! The plane was about several seconds away from the moon, on it’s way. I prayed to God that its trajectory will intersect with the moon. I waited, it takes an eternity, I am tensioned. I rested my camera on the balcony’s door (I was about to capture this image handheld). I squeezed my palm on the rubbed alloy body and my lens, tightly; the plane was approaching very fast. I held my breath, my hearth started beating loudly like a huge noisy drum, my lens was shaking, I tried to stabilise the lens, I focused and I cleared my brain of any rebel thoughts. I was smoking and I put the cigarette down in the ashtray. I was sweating a little, the cigarette is getting consumed in the ashtray, fuming beautifully; such a shame. The plane is getting close and closer. I stopped thinking and I focused on the moon’s landscape, looking exactly at the south pole where the huge Herschel crater reigns. My eyes get crispy and humid, I blink, I am scared, I open my left eye checking on the plane, it’s there, heading fast towards the moon. It get’s into the viewfinder at the right lower corner. I very gently press the shutter half way down, the plane is almost getting onto the moon surface, my muscles are getting slightly stressed, I am tensioned! I pressed the shutter a bit more, gently, the focus point is beeping nervously getting red, alert!!, the plane is on the moon, I see it! In that moment something fantastic happens, everything I have in mind gets for a fraction of a second washed out completely. I am relaxed, I feel the heat of the engines hitting the crispy fresh winter air. I pressed the shutter: CLANK!!! My old Canon vibrates from all its parts, like a beast. The light coming form the moon hits the sensor for a 2000th of a second. The projections of the moon and the plane, together, like a groom and a bride dancing in the night flow trough the lens and fall on my little sensor. I can’t see them but I know they are mine now. I love the Moon!