As anyone who follows me / us (our photography school) on Facebook will know, I recently purchased a new photographic camera system – camera body and lenses.  However, it wasn’t an “upgrade”, it was, in fact a “downgrade” so I got myself a Canon 100D (Rebel SL1), which is the smallest, cheapest, lightest entry-level DSLR on the market today (Canon website classify it as: “camera for beginners”). Well, we will see! 

Along with the body, I picked up an entry level Canon 18-55mm f/5.6 lens kit lens, as well as a Canon 55-250mm f/5.6 kit entry level telephoto lens, the cheapest entry level lenses in the world. For the moment I am only working with these 2 lenses.

Now, you may be wondering why I would make the change from a