Photography School Former Student Profile – Vincent Sluiter

Vincent Sluiter

At Photoion we love to keep up to date with former students who are making the most of the lessons that they learnt on our London Digital Photography Courses. In today’s blog we are going to take a look at Vincent Sluiter who has so far joined us for two of our photography courses.

London Digital Photography Courses

London Digital Photography CoursesThe two courses that Vincent joined us for were our two day Photography for Beginners course and a one on one tuition session covering Photoshop for Photographers. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

“Both courses I followed with Photoion Photography School were provide by Ion, who is a very knowledgeable and passionate photographer who is keen to pass on his knowledge to others. The courses are well structured with a theoretical and a practical part and practical examples are used to emphasize on the important parts and to demonstrate the subjects.

The courses are conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but do ensure you take away fundamental knowledge. You will learn about your camera, exposure, composition and different techniques and photographic subjects are being discussed. Even after the course has finished, Photoion Photography School is happy to help with feedback on images, advice or answering any questions you may still have.”

London Digital Photography Courses

London Digital Photography CoursesBeginners Photography Courses

At Photoion we have a range of London Digital Photography Courses to suit all abilities. Vincent first came to us after a holiday to Thailand. Having purchased his first DSLR camera, he enjoyed capturing some nice images of his trip; however he felt that he was not using the camera to its full potential as he was mainly taking photographs in automatic mode. Upon his return Vincent booked one of our short beginners photography courses, and has never looked back.


“During my first course, a beginners course, with Photoion Photography School I learned about the different options my camera had to offer and learned about Aperture, Shutterspeed and ISO and how these three work together in creating an image. Understanding these enabled me to go past automatic mode and get more creative. After the course I have often been strolling around London practicing my newly acquired skills around the city.”