2017 in Pictures

Greetings Photoion students and photography fans, we hope you’ve enjoyed the festive period. 2017 is almost over; and what a year it has been! It seems like just yesterday that we were looking back together on our 2016, and here we are doing the same for 2017 already.

So what made this year such a good one for us?

In January we continued the tradition of our “Photo of the Month” competition – where we give you a theme or topic and you go out and create stunning images. January marked a year since we launched the series and it has proved to be very popular! We’ve had so many fantastic images submitted and showcased throughout the year.

photo by Lynn Doe, Photo of the Month Competition winner for March 2017

photo by Laura Greene, Photo of the Month Competition winner for August 2017

In March we took our Photography holiday to La Palma. This once in a lifetime trip saw us travel to one of the Canary Islands with a small group of students and spend a few days capturing amazing images, learning new things, and making memories with new friends. We’ve since run more photography holidays and they are a fantastic way to improve your skills in a new setting while enjoying another culture.

Image taken by our student Windahl Finnigan suring our trip to La Palma

Image taken by our tutor Ion Paciu during the trip to La Palma

Image taken during our trip to La Palma

In April we announced the winners of the <