Essential tips for effective flower photography

Essential tips for effective flower photography

Now that winter is long behind us and gardens and the countryside are buzzing with life, this time of year is perfect for capturing the vibrancy and beauty of flowers in photographs. Equally, however, flowers make fascinating and eye-catching subjects during any season, even if the weather is not conducive to outdoor photography and you are obliged to work in your home-made studio.

If you would like to improve your skills when photographing some of nature’s most beautiful exhibits, you may find these flower photography tips useful:

It’s not only about the foreground

A common mistake in all types of photography is to forget what’s going on in the background. When photographing flowers, you want the subject to do the talking, so removing unnecessary clutter in the background is vital to avoid distracting the eye.

You can achieve perfect composition in a number of ways. It might mean simply moving the flower, if possible, to a new location or altering the angle of the shot.

Flowers Photography Tips tutorial Lupin Leaf

Lupin Leaf

Leaves background

Effective background achieved using surrounding leafs


Aeonium canariense Verode Bejeque cactus plant from Canary Islands.