One to One Photography Courses and Workshops in London with Ion Paciu

In a very rare opportunity our Head Trainer, Founder and Talented Photographer Ion Paciu has taken the time to write a blog post for us giving us a little insight into his photography journey and what it’s like to learn in a one to one photography course with him! Check out his blog post (including some amazing images) below:


“Training is the key that unlocks your photographic potential. Knowing how to see, use your camera and create wonderful light in the studio using your portable  flashgun or speedlite is a skill which can be learnt. I can teach you these skills.”

I’ve been teaching photography for over 6 years now and I’ve seen many beautiful pictures coming out from my former students’ cameras. I thought basics, advanced topics, lighting, composition in portrait, street, night photography and some other different topics are crucial lessons for students in a group learning environment (sometimes up to 12 people) and students on one to one photography courses.

One to one photography courses are always very close to my heart. I love one to one photography courses because they bring me closer to my student and we can establish a special relationship that ultimately gets the best out of them!

If you would like to take a private one to one photography course then I’m your guy. I am really easy going and I love what I’m doing. My goal is to see you “making” (rather than taking) beautiful photographs. I love photography and love sharing, this is a key aspect in teaching. No matter  how good a photographer is, the love of sharing makes all the difference. And the skills to transfer the knowledge, the knowhow is a powerful asset. Here are some success stories of some of my former students you can check it out here.

During my private lessons, when we shoot, me and my students have a lot of fun, there is no time constraints and no pressure, just learning in a really constructive environment. I teach you at your own pace, I love to do one to one photography courses because I can tailor the lesson to your equipment, skills and photography style.


Moon over the plane at sunset in London – I took this picture from my balcony in central London.

These images were taken during a private one to one photography courses with Chris who is a full time photographer for Ocean Outdoor, a boutique media company that fills a unique position in the Outdoor advertising landscape in the UK. The images were made from the roof top of the Union Jack Club in central London were our indoor classes take place.