This month our tutors have got together and decided that the student of the month this month should be….

(drum roll please) Najeen Nasir!!!

Najeen joined Photoion Photography School on 24th april 2013 when she took her first photography course, a 2 day beginners course taught by Ion Paciu our master tutor and founder of the Photoion Photography School.
Since, Najeen has work very hard and never stops practicing with the camera; she quickly realised that capturing good photographs is not easy! But she was determined, she worked hard, every day, annoying her children and her relatives with the camera, spending hours on the street and running so many batteries on her camera flat.
According to Ion Paciu she was one our former students who made the most of the Photoion Photography School’s offer, the unparalleled unlimited after course support and advice. She was proactive, extremely proactive, stubbornly taking pictures again and again and submitting them for review. As usual, good photographs don’t come easy. But she didn’t give up; she kept practising and practicing, again and again, taking thousands of pictures.
photography_courses_london_Nageen_Nasir_5 photography_courses_london_Nageen_Nasir_6
She realised that she needs more help, more practice and more advice; she came back to us and took more lessons, group lessons, she choose the group environment and she always did very well engaging with the other students in a very constructive manner. She was a model for the other students through her persistence, patience, engagement, talent but mostly her positive attitude.
photography_courses_london_Nageen_Nasir_7 photography_courses_london_Nageen_Nasir_8
Shortly, results began to appear and she became even more determined. Benefiting from the constant support of our tutors, her interest and determination have increased and she started to explore different areas of photography like product, macro and portrait.
Very soon Najeen managed to capture some wonderful photographs, particularly portrait and flowers but not only. We saw beautiful images of spiders in the garden, interior setups and different other types of images. She kept uploading her images constantly on our Facebook page and she kept emailing us asking for feedback.
She wasn’t happy, she wanted more. She knew she could do more. Soon she took a 1:1 less with Ion Paciu and shortly also attended the portrait workshop again. Her favourite, she loves capturing portraits. One of her images was the best shot of the day.
Ion Paciu said about the Student of the Month Najeen Nasir: “An impressive attitude, so determined, almost stubborn, something that you rarely come across, Najeen understood one key aspect of becoming a good photographer (and not only): talent is in everyone, it is the hard work that makes the difference!”.
Najeen was happy, more and more, taking pictures, emailing us for feedback, engaging with our social media community and the other students.
In January 2014 Najeen decided to go further and she attended one of our 1 day speedlite workshops she did great again; same, engaging, being patient, listening to the tutor, paying great attention and taking great pictures. Again, in a very short time she managed to get a good grip of street fashion and she snapped one of the best images of the day.
A great story and some beautiful inspiring images achieved with hard work and determination. We are very proud and happy to have such a plethora of these stories to tell you and that our Student of the Month shows so much promise for the future!
Najeen is determined to learn this skill properly and master the art of photography, she just told us that she will be attending some other specialised workshops offered by Photoion Photography School in the future!