Photography Student of the Month March 2015 – Yolanda Narain

We’ve got another Student of the Month interview for you today. Our Student of the Month series is our way of recognizing our incredibly talented students, and giving back to them.

The award gives our students an excellent chance to showcase their skills to the wider community, as well as earn themselves a £50 voucher for any of our courses.

This month’s winner is Yolanda Narain. We sat down with Yolanda to ask them about their journey as a photographer.

I came to the hobby of photography last December when I came to realize that I needed to express an important part of me, that being my CREATIVE side. Then I took my first photography course, with Photoion.


To be frank, many myths regarding photography were flooding my head during those days: “surely I need a good camera to make good photos and my budget is too small”, or “the technical aspects of photography might be too challenging for me, I am not sure I will cope with it”.


But, I only needed a two day course with Photoion to really understand what photography wa