A trip to Montenegro

A trip to Montenegro

I and Tatiana visited Montenegro while working abroad for a while and we just wanted to share our amazing experience with you, particularly from a photographic point of view.

Yes, it was about work. But, as always, we do have a camera at hand. Well, not really just the camera, this is our luggage for the trip :). Cameras, computers, some lights, etc. We never travel light!


Our gear is ready for departure!


Prawns / shrimps farming in Montenegro, Kotor Bay.

So, what’s in our “bag”?¬†We always have at least two camera bodies, just in case (we shoot on Canon 5d Mark II), 2 tripods (a gitzo traveler and a light manfrotto), a couple of lenses, a coupe of flashes / speedlites, a couple of light stands for the speedlites, a tripod, spare batteries (lots!) for both cameras and flashguns, a couple of radio wireless triggers, a few spare memory cards and a few landscape photography filters (Lee landscape pro filters system).

In terms of lenses, we always choose to have: an extreme wide angle lens (Canon 16-35mm), a walk about lens, medium wide angle to medium telephoto (Canon 24mm to 70mm f/2.8 or something similar) a long telephoto lens (canon 70mm to 200mm f/2.8), a 50mm f/1.4 and sometimes we might (if there is any space left in the bag) grab a fisheye lens (canon 15 mm f/2.8) just in case. You never know.

And that’s it. But, why are we always carrying this heavy burden all the time? I know, most of the people want to travel light, right? I understand why, but we don’t!

We always travel loaded, it’s not easy but the more accessories we have with us the more chances to capture a larger variety of subjects we have. True, and without being sexist, it’s always good to have a strong pair of a man’s arms with you so to speak. We sorted out the equipment for the trip; well, there are some compromises we need to make, we leave lots of things home that we can buy and get rid of abroad during the trip, small things, in our opinion is worth it.

Montenegro is a beautiful, small Mediterranean country located around a large open bay in the south of the Adriatic Sea surrounded by exotic landscape and beautiful scenery.