The Isle of Skye is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, boasting an inspiring network of rocky slopes and ridges that make up some of the most picturesque mountain scenery in the country.  It is no wonder then that Photoion founder Ion Paciu describes Skye as his favourite place in the world.


View form the Old Man of Storr, Scotland, Isle of Skye.

Ion visits the Isle of Skye every year and this year was no exception, heading up for a holiday along with talented Photoion photographer Tatiana Zigar. Tatiana was visiting the island for the first time and was blown away by its breathtaking natural beauty and old world charm.


Skye Bridge, Scotland, Isle of Skye.

Skye is a photographer’s dream come true with dramatic rolling landscapes unfolding beneath stunning island skies. Ion and Tatiana spent days walking the mountains, absorbing the scenery and taking in the sea air, all the time studying the landscape with a view to creating some fresh and original landscape photography.


The road to the north side of the island with the Old Man of Storr in the background.


Old Man of Storr at sunset, Scotland, Isle of Skye.


Old Man of Storr, Scotland, Isle of Skye.


Cuilin peak from Elgol which is situated on the southwest part of Isle of Skye.


Cuilin peak close up from Elgol, located on the southwest part of Isle of Skye.

If you can find a location that you love this much, a place that means as much as the Isle of Skye does to Ion, a place so serene and yet so awe-inspiring, then the stunning photographs will begin to naturally unfurl before you. As the images within this blog entry show that is exactly what happened here with both Ion and Tatiana capturing incredible shots, picking out the reds and blues of the fiery skies and defining the jagged natural beauty of the rocks.


View form the Old Man of Storr.


View of Cuillin from Elgol.


View of Cuillin from Elgol.


View of Cuillin from Elgol.

Whilst visiting the island, the photographers stayed at a beautiful, secluded country guest house, tucked away in the ancient woodlands to the north of Skye called Flodigarry Country House. Flodigarry is the perfect island retreat, hospitable, welcoming, traditional and charming. Captured by the stunning and powerful nature of Ion and Tatiana’s island images, the owners of Flodigarry asked the photographers if they would be available to take a selection of images of their house, and of course they duly obliged.


Flodigarry Country House – Isle of Skye.


Flodigarry Country House – Isle of Skye.

The entire house was photographed including all 18 classically furnished bedrooms. The final images were presented to the owners of the Flodigarry Country House, along with a selection of striking images of the local landscapes, to be used on their website and marketing materials.


Scottish cattle – Isle of Skye.


Scottish cattle – Isle of Skye.

There is no greater satisfaction to be found than the feeling of doing what you love the most in a place that means the world to you. Ion and Tatiana’s passion for the Isle of Skye and their love for the Flodigarry Country House is reflected beautifully in the work displayed in this blog.



The Comb!

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Ladder to the Skye, Isle of Skye.

On our way to the “ladder” photograph we met some nice kids who were fishing crabs on the boats platform using bacon as bait! That was an inedite and totally new thing to us and we were puzzelled to see the crabs running like mad after the bacon.



A green shell stuck to a blue rock, you can see them on the beach near Flodigarry House.


Elgol – Isle of Skye.


Cuilin from Elgol – Isle of Skye.


Cuilin from Elgol – Isle of Skye.


Cuilin from Elgol – Isle of Skye.


Cuilin from Elgol – Isle of Skye.

The Quiraing is a landslip on the eastern face of Meall na Suiramach, the northernmost summit of the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye


The Quiraing, Trotternish Ridge, Isle of Skye.

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