Revisiting Romania “Portraits from London” – A Portrait Photographic Project by Ion Paciu

“Portraits from London”

A photographic project was initiated and commissioned by the Horniman Museum and the Romanian Cultural Institute and is an Eye-catching exhibition (hosted by the Horniman Museum but also travelling around the country and abroad) of photographs of contemporary Romanians living and working in London, by Romanian photographer Ion Paciu.  Around 130,000 Romanians are currently living in the UK. Some have been here for more than 40 years, some have just arrived. Each had different hopes and expectations, and each has had a different experience.

Focussing on Romanians in London, this exhibition of portraits introduces some of the stories behind their journeys to the UK, aspects of their lives and their relationship with their homeland and culture.


Cristian Comsa & Family – Director – Diana: I left San Francisco in 2008 to join my boy- friend (now my husband) in London and to be closer to my family in Romania. I was 28 at the time. My kitchen has a very thick Romanian cookbook that is pulled out for special occasions. I also brought a horseshoe from my grandfather’s house; it’s for good luck.Cristian: I was overwhelmed by London at first. Commuting can be an issue, but once you allow for longer journeys everything is fine. I have started a new family in London – my wife and I have recently welcomed a baby daughter.